Full Day Bicycle Tour

An opportunity of a life time to see and learn more about Soweto's history, its people and life today with this full day experience of cycling through Soweto. The tour offers a lot of stops for you to have both a relaxed and adventurous tour.

The tour offers you a visit to all historical landmarks around our part of Soweto as well as some of the hidden spots. You will also enter the Hector Pieterson Museum, commemorating the Student Uprisings in 1976.

See the many different faces of Soweto as we tour within small communities as well as a few busy streets. Experience the hard conditions in the squatter camps and learn what projects are in place to offer a better life for the most underprivileged. See as well how other parts of Soweto has grown and developed and how small suburbs with a few "mansions" here and there have popped up.

All our tours at 10am and 1pm include lunch which is either served after the tour – 10am slot – or before the tour – 1:00 pm slot. Lunch is served at our “Outdoor Restaurant” with seating in the community park.

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